Having a key employee put in their 2 weeks’ notice can be extremely detrimental to your team. It is far more expensive to replace an employee than to determine their needs and help them become satisfied with your organization once again. Not only can it impact your overall productivity but when a good employee leaves the cost to morale can be irreparable. It is important to talk to your employee to find out their reasons for leaving. Here are some tips on how to make a great employee stay for the right reasons when they want to quit.

  • Salary.
    If they express a concern with the rate at which they are paid, this is valid and should be considered in more detail. If they have accepted or are considering another job talk to them about their offer. The only way they can stay with the organization is if the counter offer you make is competitive. Research their position with sites like Salary.com and ask them how much they need to make to consider staying with your company.
  • Location.
    In the past, location was probably the biggest objection that companies couldn’t overcome. If a spouse moved to another state it was inevitable that the employee would quit and move as well. In today’s ultra-connected world this doesn’t need to be the case. If the long commute is a problem talk about flexible work hours that can help. You could also arrange for a remote working relationship that will continue their employment even if they move away.
  • Dissatisfaction.
    While it is encouraged for employees to always talk about their satisfaction with a job, few workers ever share their feelings with management. The onus is on the supervisor, manager, or business owner to discuss the employee’s dissatisfaction with them before it gets out of control. If your employee gives notice and cites career or job dissatisfaction talk to them about what would increase their engagement with the job and if you were able to make these changes would they stay?
  • Personality Issues.
    Sometimes the right decision to keep a good employee is a decision that will impact another person within your office. Many people leave organizations because of a personality clash with another member of their team. Talk to them about possible solutions including transferring to another department or another office. Depending on the severity of the issue, it may be a valid choice to terminate someone’s employment to keep your critical employee engaged with their job.

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