Taking a consultative approach

We work to effectively communicate and respond to our partners in a knowledgeable, timely and professional manner.

Our Culture

We believe in transparency, honesty, respect, communication, collaboration, customer service and fiscal responsibility to ourselves, to our customers, who include both our clients and our field associates.

Our Mission

The staffing industry has always promised partnership and commitment. With a few notable exceptions, it has been unable to execute and deliver on those promises.

We can approach this challenge as partners in a different kind of company. At CoWorx, we regard the service delivery gap as an opportunity to change the face of the staffing industry.

As our company continues to grow, we will be known as the one staffing company that was able to make the leap from “vendor” to “partner.”

Our Values

  • Continuous improvement. Refining our service offering, our client base, and our execution.
  • Mission critical. We are a critical part of our clients’ success.
  • Ongoing communication. Proactive feedback and follow-up is essential to achieving our goals.
  • Performance against ideals. Adhere to our internally defined standards of conduct.
  • We continually improve our service delivery and internal business processes.
  • It’s about the win column, not personal batting average. We find aggressive, deliverable solutions as part of one team.
  • Delivering on the promise of our industry. To close the gap between what our industry provides and clients need, we resolve more business challenges.
  • We concentrate on a defined segment of the marketplace, declining opportunities that are inconsistent with our business model and limiting our service offering to those functions at which we excel.

Together we solve business challenges better.