CoWorx Staffing Services Introduces Luxury Method

February 25, 2021 (Morristown, NJ) – CoWorx Staffing Services introduces “Luxury Method” as the new brand name for the company’s retail division. Since 1995, the division has specialized in crafting custom workforce management services for some of the world’s most revered luxury, beauty and fragrance brands.

“For over 25 years, this division has served the luxury retail industry as the premiere partner for their Retail Selling Specialist personnel,” said Tim Hartnett, CEO of Luxury Method and its parent company CoWorx Staffing Services. “As a standalone distributed workforce company under the CoWorx umbrella, we are excited to rebrand the division to Luxury Method, so that it may carry forward with a name worthy of the specialized services they provide.”

Building on the division’s foundation as the preeminent luxury brand staffing partner, Luxury Method coordinates thriving talent ecosystems of Retail Selling Specialists and Merchandisers. Services include distributed workforce management; scheduling, budgeting, and tracking; coaching and performance recognition; payroll and benefits; data and analytics; federal and state compliance; and technology. Clients are provided with real-time visibility on actual hours worked, scheduling, and timecard approval capabilities within Luxury Method’s proprietary web-based software.

“Thanks to Luxury Method, we have complete clarity on who worked, when, and where. We don’t have trouble adding up the money and hours by chain, by store, etc. That’s a pretty big deal!” reported Elena Moneti, vice president of sales administration of a French luxury skin care, cosmetics and fragrance company.

“Terrific partnership! Great listeners, they understand the business needs and have been very responsive to requested changes…they have been just wonderful partners” said Debbie Nuzzo, retired executive vice president of sales for an international fragrance house.

When asked about her experience with Luxury Method, “I am excited and grateful to have them as a staffing partner,” said Kristine Davis, regional account executive for an Italian fragrance house. “I feel like a truly valued customer because of the level of service I receive. They are highly professional and engaging, while being approachable and friendly.”

“They operate with a sense of urgency, and I know what matters to me, matters to them,” Davis continued. “It’s all about building a relationship. And because I feel valued, I have confidence that new clients I refer will have the same level of satisfaction.”

Regional Account Manager Sharon Schnaterbeck agreed, “Customer service is key…and their communication is so good!”

Adept, scalable technology, an intimate knowledge of the industry’s logistics, and deep, enduring relationships have fortified Luxury Method as a trusted partner to the world’s most revered brands. Long-term clientele includes a leading global luxury skincare brand, a French-based company engaged in the marketing of fragrances, popular Italian luxury labels, and several American-based companies with skincare, fragrances and luxury home fragrance products.

Luxury Method proudly serves clients who are leaders within the retail community, including companies who are among the first luxury companies to join The Valuable 500 community, ensuring that disability inclusion is a priority on its agenda, and among those who appear on Bloomberg’s Gender-Equality Index, evaluated annually on their recruitment processes, the inclusivity of their internal cultures, and any policies they have implemented to combat gendered pay inequality and sexual harassment.

Luxury owned the high-touch relationship before the evolution of online retail. The industry has long acknowledged that second only to a stunning product, a carefully curated workforce with passion for the finer things is a brand’s best asset.

“Luxury retail requires brand ambassadors who are the right fit,” explains Nancy Fresnics, director of Luxury Method. “Each Retail Selling Specialist needs to believe in the quality of the product, and have a customer-centric philosophy to deliver unforgettable experiences, consistently.”

“Our team is dedicated to seamless implementation and white-glove personal service,” adds Robin Curran, vice president of Luxury Method. “We also proudly sponsor certification and recognition programs to thank our Luxury Talent, and recognize them for their hard work and contributions that positively impact our clients’ businesses.”

“The foundation of our success is how we treat our people,” reiterates Fresnics. “Referrals from current clients are our number one source of new business.”

When asked how working with CoWorx’ Luxury Method division compared with other companies, Retail Selling Specialist Margo Krauza said, “CoWorx is so much better. It’s easier, everything is computerized – my schedule, my timesheet. I’m very happy with their system. Also, Danielle, she is so efficient, and she helps me so much! Instant support. Very, very helpful!”

“The system is easy to use, even for me, and I’m not computer savvy,” agreed RSS Patricia Skala. “I also want to recognize the work and professionalism – they are exceptional! They are very professional, but you can hear from their voice there is a warmth behind the professionalism. Just great! They help me always with the most wonderful patience.”

Carol Goldstein, an RSS based in Chicago, has been in the luxury cosmetic world for 25 years. “After working as an independent contractor, it has been much easier working as a contracted employee with CoWorx; it will be nine years in June,” she said. “They withhold my health insurance and taxes, which is a great benefit, and it is seamless.”

“Eileen is my point person, and I can’t sing her praises enough,” Goldstein shared. “She is lovely and a great source of help to a wealth of people working in the field; and if I can’t reach her, I know the rest of the team is nice and responsive.”

Marc Metrick, CEO of US luxury retail brand Saks Fifth Avenue, said recently that “…customers view luxury as the comfort food of retail. It’s your something that’s gonna make you feel better.”

The all-important desire among luxury consumers to ‘touch and feel’ product before purchasing isn’t going away. Luxury Method is well-positioned to continue leading the way in staffing the specialized retail experience for luxury brands, and the shoppers who adore them.

About Luxury Method
The luxury, beauty and fragrance division of CoWorx Staffing Services was established in 1995, and has become a trusted partner for some of the world’s most revered brands, specializing in crafting custom workforce management services. To learn more about Luxury Method and its service in style, visit

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