Exceptional Temp Staffing with CoWorx

We create deep connections and cultivate extraordinary experiences that make our clients and field talent feel supported, valued, and fulfilled.

We’re your staffing provider partner.

For us, it’s not simply about filling roles. It’s about becoming a trusted part of your team. We put our relentless optimism, professionalism, and shared commitment to your business goals to work. It’s how we deliver contract talent with care.

Your success is our top priority.

Some say there’s no such thing as the perfect candidate. We disagree. We’re committed to finding your ideal match. And once we do, we nurture the relationship to ensure a lasting fit. After all, when your staffing partner exceeds your expectations, so will your talent.

Cookie cutter is for baking, not workforce solutions.

Your business is unique, and so are your staffing needs. Our recruitment services are custom-designed to align with your specific workforce requirements, and agile enough to scale as your business changes. The result is maximized cost control and operational efficiency, tailor-made for your organization. 

Grow. Measure. Repeat.

We drive value through our contract solutions and the strategic implementation processes that bring them to life. From rapid onboarding to quick-turn results to the development of the right KPIs, we’re committed to fostering your growth and setting you up for repeatable success that lets your business thrive.

We put our experience to work for your industry.

With decades of experience navigating the complexities of large-scale manufacturing and distribution, we can seamlessly staff temporary and temp-to-hire positions across a range of industries. 

  • Automotive
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Food & Beverage
  • E-Commerce
  • Technology
  • Non-Clinical Healthcare

Our expansive network of locations across the U.S. means we can quickly and easily access local top-level talent for your light industrial or other temporary and temp-to-hire staffing needs.  

Light Industrial 

  • Production
  • Picker/packer
  • Warehousing
  • Material Handler
  • Quality Assurance
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Forklift Operator
  • Assembly
  • Inventory
  • Managers/Supervisors

Other Specialties

  • Call Center
  • Administrative
  • Professional
  • Human Resources
  • Manufacturing & Distribution

With us, it’s safety first. And second. And third.

There is no room for compromise when it comes to safety. The assurance of safety—for both ourselves and others—is a responsibility we readily shoulder and work to actively uphold.

  • Comprehensive Training
  • Rigorous Assessments
  • Employee Safety Tips
  • Accident Trend Analysis
  • Safety Awards
  • Regular Site Visits

We love finding exceptional talent. We love it more when they stay.

Once we find the best talent, we never want to see them leave. Retention is the key to business success, and it’s why we’re dedicated to ensuring our field talent feel appreciated, motivated, and empowered—with awards, benefits, career coaching, ongoing training, and a focus on community service.

No sourcing stone is left unturned.

We take high-touch candidate sourcing to the next level. From an industry-leading referral program and rapid communication technology, to laser-targeted online and social media strategies, we have the hiring connections and industry reach to identify, engage, and retain top-tier temporary staffing talent.

Reducing risk is a shared responsibly.

We have a steadfast commitment to mitigating risks that could impact customers, with a focus on rigorous auditing, stringent protocols, comprehensive recruiter training, and robust communication.

  • Compliance Team Audits
  • Consistent Setup
  • Recruiter Training
  • Executive Team Briefings
  • Meal Break Requirements
  • Contract Governance
  • FLSA Requirements
  • I-9/E-Verify
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Wage & Hour Law Compliance


A temporary staffing agency works with employers to fill open jobs on a temporary, seasonal, part-time, or temp-to-hire basis. Temporary roles are usually short-term and entry-level, often in light industrial fields. 

A temp agency helps businesses fill short-term and or urgent vacancies. These roles often only require entry level skills. By contrast, staffing agencies may fill roles requiring various levels of expertise.

While temp agencies (as their names would suggest) primarily offer temporary work, staffing agencies are more likely to focus on the long-term talent needs of their clients.

Temporary staffing agencies provide talent to businesses for short-term or temporary job openings. The workers are not considered employees of the client company.

The agencies charge businesses for their services and handle the onboarding and payroll for the talent. Temporary staffing agencies may offer various options such as temp-to-hire or contract engagements for workers.

There are many benefits for businesses! A temporary staffing agency gives employers access to a flexible source of talent that can be scaled up or down to adapt to changeable market forces.

It can also give an organization the opportunity to test out talent before committing to hiring them long term. 

Want to experience temporary staffing at its best? 

A temporary staffing agency who keeps up and steps up.