Direct hire staffing that gets results

Others simply fill positions. We immerse ourselves in your culture to provide customized recruitment services that propel your business forward.

Tailored staffing at its best.

We learn about your story, your people, your facilities, and your goals—before we start recruiting. It’s how we design a custom-fit direct hiring approach from identification to interview to offer. All without search fees. Because we don’t get paid until you land the right talent.

The “pro” in the process.

Our expertise spans every aspect of the hiring process, and we put it to work on your behalf. From meticulous screening to seamless post-hire support, our targeted 4-step process is tailored to align with your specific hiring criteria and engineered to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

Value at every phase.

  1. Source. Tap into our exclusive network of top-tier talent.
  2. Screen. A thorough evaluation process to ensure the perfect fit.
  3. Offer. Utilize compelling job offers to secure the best candidates.
  4. Post-hire. Ongoing support provides seamless onboarding and integration.

A guarantee you can count on.

We’re so confident in our ability to secure top-quality direct hires, we guarantee every placement we make. After all, it’s not just about filling a role. It’s about finding the ideal fit. Our guarantee reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional talent solutions that align perfectly with your business needs.

We put our direct hire experience to work for you.

When it comes to staffing, it can feel like a constant race to find the right talent. We can help you catch your breath. Our proven track record for hiring top candidates in less time speaks for itself, but as your direct hire staffing partner, we’ll speak for you.  

With 50 years of unparalleled industry expertise placing thousands of successful hires, we’re able to identify and attract the best talent across a variety of roles and industries so you get hires that align to the dynamics of your field and the nuances of your jobs. 

Diverse Roles and Industries

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Administrative & Office
  • Automotive
  • Call Center & Customer Service
  • E-Commerce
  • Food & Beverage
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Luxury Beauty & Fragrance
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-Clinical Healthcare
  • Sales, Marketing & Creative
  • Warehouse, Logistics & Supply Chain

CoWorx Executive Search Services: Lead with confidence.

In this age of workplace evolution and market disruption, finding the right leadership is crucial to business success. Let our seasoned team of executive recruiters from Mount Kemble Search Group help you discover your next C-suite star.

Direct Hire FAQs

Direct hire services is the process by which an employer sources, selects, and hires candidates for a role internal to the company. Whether conducted through the employer or with the assistance of a third-party agency, at the end of the process a candidate becomes employed and receives pay and benefits from the employer directly.

Typically, a staffing agency will charge a percentage of the direct hire’s annual compensation in return for placing a candidate with your company.

With a direct hire employee, the company that employs them and provides their pay and benefits is the same entity for which they perform work. A contract worker, however, is not considered an employee of the organization for which they are working. In some cases, a contractor might work independently and be considered self-employed. In other situations, the contractor might be considered an employee of a staffing or temp agency and perform work on behalf of their clients.

A direct hire position takes longer to fill and is for a permanent employee committed to a company for the long term. A temp-to-hire position is quicker to fill, and is for a temporary employee on a shorter-duration assignment who is paid by a staffing agency—but has the option to become a permanent employee of a company once the temp assignment is completed.

Ready to elevate direct hire staffing?