Caring from the inside out

While CoWorx is probably best known for the more than 60,000 field talent we have paired with reputable companies in all 50 states, our culture of caring starts within the 4 walls of our corporate, branch, and on-site locations.

Our company mission to create relationships and experiences so people are valued and fulfilled starts with supporting our “inside” team of more than 400 staffing professionals. By ensuring that people on the inside of CoWorx feel valued and cared for — they are better able to make a difference in the lives of the individuals and communities we serve.

Recognizing achievements

Here are just a few of the many stories of how CoWorx works to make a difference in people’s lives:

From jobless to hopeful
One of our Saco, ME office team members had noticed a gentleman standing on the median of an exit off of I-95 looking for donations. What was truly notable was that this man was there every day, rain or shine — even in the harshest New England winter weather.

That sort of persistence suggested to our team that he had the potential to be a reliable employee. So one day, they asked him if was interested in a job. He was, and we were able to place him with one of our clients, where he has proven himself as a dependable and hard worker.

Spreading holiday cheer where it’s needed most
Our Waterbury, CT team partnered with the United Way to make a difference in the lives of a local single mother and her three young children — by delivering bags filled with toys, clothing, and gift cards for food.

A story that warms more than our hearts
Winter hits some areas of the country harder than others. Which is why CoWorx teams in the colder areas distribute hats and gloves to field talent in their communities who could use some extra layers. It may seem like a small gesture, but it can make all the difference.

Walking the walk

Promoting education
For more than 12 years CoWorx has offered the Certified Staffing Professional(R)(CSP) training program, that provides the opportunity for talent to receive the American Staffing Association’s CSP designation.  It is an honor to be identified as a candidate for the CSP.

Peer recognition
Making people feel valued is part of our culture and our Kudos recognition program allows team members to acknowledge their peers across different departments and locations through social media.

Celebrating successes
Our various annual award programs for sales, circle of excellence, President’s and CORE all tie into culture and production.

Finding time to give back
CoWorx celebrates the Janet & Stanley Kane Memorial Day of Giving where team members can take the day to give back to their communities. Past activities have included working at a local food bank and working with the Salvation Army to provide presents to the children of families in need. We have also made donations to groups like Fedcap Inc. in Maine who provide support services to so many of the people we help to find work.

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