Making an Impact: Our Purpose

Finding a job isn’t always easy. We know life comes with challenges and our team members are here to support and help our field talent through those obstacles. Our team cares because building relationships are at the core of everything we do.

We strive to do more than just help people find jobs. Because a job isn’t just about the work. It’s about providing for your family, overcoming life’s obstacles and improving your current situation. Hear from some of our team members on why they love helping our talent.

Lissette D., Manager, Compliance & Operations

As part of the Compliance and Operations team, it is important for me to assist in protecting our organization and lead a culture of compliance. With the time, resources, and the general perspective mentioned above, Corporate Compliance Leaders can head off issues before they become major problems. Making a difference within our organization by communicating with internal employees about changes to policies or initiatives is rewarding. CORE is a huge part of my role and am lucky enough to practice this each day.

 My WHY behind doing what I do is to assist in communicating to leadership about compliance successes and reduced liability. It’s about regularly putting compliance issues in front of employees and making it a point of emphasis throughout the entire company. Lastly, it is about developing a culture of compliance that goes beyond the basics of employees knowing they have individual compliance, it is also about training and learning of all the changes that effects our organization.


Edisa M., Senior Account Manager

The biggest reward as a recruiter is providing the best service to all field talent and clients that encounter our branch. My daily goal is to greet every single candidate to ensure they feel welcomed. Whether it’s speaking over the phone, meeting them in person or interviewing them, a warm welcome and a thank you make a significant difference. 

I enjoy developing excellent relationships, not only with our clients, but most importantly with our new and current field talent . This includes helping them with anything they may need such as helping with employee referrals, assisting new candidates throughout the application process or helping them to revamp resumes; my goal is always to address issues as quickly as possible so that they know we listen to and care for them.  

At times I need to be more than a recruiter; I need to be someone they can talk to and trust. Knowing that I can help and make a difference in someone else’s life always adds value and fulfillment to my own life. Helping our new and established field talent is always at the forefront of my mind.

Let our team support you on your job search.