Making an Impact: Our Purpose

Finding a job isn’t always easy. We know life comes with challenges and our team members are here to support and help our field talent through those obstacles. Our team cares because building relationships are at the core of everything we do.

We strive to do more than just help people find jobs. Because a job isn’t just about the work. It’s about providing for your family, overcoming life’s obstacles and improving your current situation. Hear from some of our team members on why they love helping our talent.

Mary H., Operations Supervisor

I have been in the staffing industry for over 18 years, with 10 of those years being with CoWorx Staffing. I have stayed in this industry for so many years because of the lives you touch every single day and the difference you can make in an individual’s life. For me, this industry is all about relationships and those relationships you build and foster over the years. I have always felt that we have the unique and rare ability to change someone’s life for the better and make a real difference. I am proud to be with an organization that believes and encourages us to do so.

Lissette D., Senior Account Manager

As an on-site supervisor, I encounter many people with a wide range of needs daily. My goal every day is to make sure our field talent feel heard and cared for, so they know they can come to me with any needs or problems that interrupt their day-to-day responsibilities. I make sure to check in with them as often as I can to help with pay card issues, printing documents, understanding their paychecks, etc.

I never want anyone to be disappointed with the CoWorx experience or feel like they are on their own in navigating their work environment. It is important to me that they feel supported.

My WHY behind doing what I do is to make sure our field talent know that they are more than just another person working for a client. I want them to talk about our company, not just the customer service we provide, but the long-lasting impression we leave. And I want them to continue to work with us.

Silvia S., Senior Account Manager

Maria, who was on assignment, called us for help related to her pay card. She tried to make a withdrawal from an ATM and was only able to take out a portion of what her total paycheck should have been. I checked our systems and confirmed that we processed her pay for the full and accurate amount. Maria tried to work directly with the pay card company, but language barriers made this extremely difficult and the company was not able to help her. 

I stayed on the phone with her until she calmed down and arranged transportation for her to come into the office where we called the pay card company together. Upon further investigation we discovered that the money had been fraudulently stolen from her account. A typical fraud investigation takes between 10 to 30 days to resolve; however, with the help of the customer service representative, we were able to resolve it in less than 24 hours. 

Maria’s money was reimbursed, and she happily returned to work. She is extremely happy and thankful! We are always one hundred percent committed to our field talent and our clients because it is the relationships and results like this that bring meaning and value to the work that we do every day.

Edisa M., Senior Account Manager

The biggest reward as a recruiter is providing the best service to all field talent and clients that encounter our branch. My daily goal is to greet every single candidate to ensure they feel welcomed. Whether it’s speaking over the phone, meeting them in person or interviewing them, a warm welcome and a thank you make a significant difference. 

I enjoy developing excellent relationships, not only with our clients, but most importantly with our new and current field talent . This includes helping them with anything they may need such as helping with employee referrals, assisting new candidates throughout the application process or helping them to revamp resumes; my goal is always to address issues as quickly as possible so that they know we listen to and care for them.  

At times I need to be more than a recruiter; I need to be someone they can talk to and trust. Knowing that I can help and make a difference in someone else’s life always adds value and fulfillment to my own life. Helping our new and established field talent is always at the forefront of my mind.

Let our team support you on your job search.