Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions regarding temporary and longer-term employment through CoWorx. Learn why becoming a CoWorx team member can be a significant step forward.

Is there value in becoming a temporary employee?

Absolutely. Temporary jobs can bridge gaps in full-time employment, provide you with widely applicable work experience, and even be a first step toward your dream job – an invaluable “foot in the door” that supports your long-term goals.

Does CoWorx only staff temporary positions?

CoWorx is a full-service employment agency. We staff temporary, temporary-to-permanent, full-time and direct hire positions.

Does CoWorx charge candidates a fee for finding them temporary or full-time employment?

No. CoWorx never charges candidates fees for our services.

How much do your positions pay?

Pay rates are determined by job description, employee work history and job skill level. Field employee wages are competitive with full-time wages for positions with the same skills and experience requirements. A CoWorx team member will be happy to discuss pay rates at the time of your interview.

Does CoWorx offer any benefits to its temporary employees?

CoWorx offers one of the most comprehensive benefits programs in the staffing industry. Benefits include medical, dental, vision, short-term disability, critical illness, accidental term life insurance, as well as a payroll debit card, direct deposit, a 401(k) plan, holiday pay, referral bonuses, complimentary software training and tutorials, and resumé and interviewing assistance.

What types of positions does CoWorx typically staff?

We staff a wide variety of positions. However, we specialize in temporary and temporary-to-permanent positions in the fields of clerical, administrative, technical and professional, light industrial, production, distribution and warehouse.

Will I ever be able to get a permanent job if I start working for a staffing service?

Certainly. Companies routinely consider their temporary workforce to meet longer-term staffing needs before recruiting outside their organization. Doing this is in their best interest because it means they are hiring employees that are already trained, comfortable with the company’s culture, that have a proven attendance record and – most importantly – are ready, willing and able to work.

How do I apply?

Search and apply for your next opportunity on our job board. Get started today.

What happens after I apply for a job?

When you apply for a job with CoWorx, we will schedule a time for you to come in for an interview. Once you come in, our team guides you through a quick yet comprehensive process with the goal of finding the right position for you. In doing so, we’ll discuss not only your employment history, job duties and skills, but also your near-term employment needs and aspirations for the future. To schedule your interview, you can contact your local CoWorx branch.

I interviewed at another CoWorx office. Do I need to reapply with each office?

No. It is not necessary to apply at every CoWorx location. The CoWorx team shares an internal database, so you are automatically considered for all open positions even if you have relocated. You should, however, contact the branch in your new location and let them know you have relocated.

After applying for work, how long before I get a job?

It varies. Sometimes we can offer you a position immediately. Ultimately, the time it takes to place you in a position depends upon a combination of your skills and experience and the needs of our clients. We do our absolute best to expediently place candidates in positions desirable to them.

How many hours per week is a temporary employee required to work?

Assignments vary in length, from 4 to 40 hours per week. In some cases, hours may change during an assignment, in which case you can decide whether or not to continue with that position. In all cases, we try to find positions that fit into our candidates’ individual lives.

At what size companies do you place people?

The employers we work with vary in size, from several employees to a team of thousands with a national footprint. During your interview, we are happy to discuss any preferences you may have regarding the types of companies you prefer.

When you work for CoWorx, who is your employer?

CoWorx is your employer. CoWorx will process your paycheck and provide your W-2. All questions regarding paychecks, medical benefits, etc., should be directed to CoWorx.

I am currently on an assignment for CoWorx and have not received my paycheck. Who should I contact?

Please contact your branch representative or call our Client Services Department at 800-754-7000 x6991.

I have worked for CoWorx in the last year and have not received my W-2. Who should I contact?

To obtain a duplicate W-2, please call W-2 eXpress at 877-325-9239 or visit their website at http://www.w2express.com. You will need the CoWorx employer code – 10751 – and any zip codes you lived in while employed with CoWorx.

I have registered with or am working for CoWorx, and I’ve changed my address. Who should I contact?

Complete the following form.

You can also contact your branch representative or call our Client Services Department at 800-754-7000 x6991.

What happens if I don’t like the position in which I’m placed?

We don’t want you to be unhappy at your job. Let us know and we’ll help work it out. If you prefer, a change of assignment can be made to ensure everyone’s satisfaction.

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